YOI Styling Co. Hair Styling Pomade

YOI Styling Co.


The 善 YOI ® Styling Co. Pomade awards a stylish, gloss finish to your hairstyle with a strong hold to maintain texture and definition. The YOI Pomade gives a naturally translucent yet subtle, wet style due to the firm yet malleable nature of the product. Design your hair with a classic pomade characteristics yet without the greasy finish known from other wet-look products. Easy to warm and apply, the Pomade can be used for sheen, creating definition and character particularly on longer, darker hair. It is also excellent for masking damaged or frizzy ends due to the natural moisturising elements in the pomade. The hair pomade has been created with a neutral scent so that it doesn't interrupt your personal, daily fragrance. As with all YOI hairstyling products, the Pomade will give you a strong, glossy all-day style. The unique formula allows the styling paste to blend with the other YOI products, giving you an infinite amount of possibilities to express and advance your hair styling regime.


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