YOI Styling Co. Hair Styling Paste Sample

YOI Styling Co.


The 善 YOI ® Styling Co. Paste is designed for short to mid-length hair with a natural look, subtle sheen and a medium hold. The silky white product transforms into a translucent, texturising paste once easily warmed in your palm, it can be used to style your hair, add volume during blow-drying, create texture and independent flowing styles or give a natural thickness to your look. The hair paste has been created with a neutral scent so that it doesn't interrupt your personal, daily fragrance. As with all YOI hairstyling products, the Paste will give you a relaxed, flowing all-day style. The unique formula allows the styling paste to blend with the other YOI products, giving you an infinite amount of possibilities to express and advance your hair styling regime.


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