Boker Elite 6/8" Black Carbon Open Razor [140615]



At the end of the 19th century, especially extravagant Straight Razors were sold under the brand Boker Elite. We want to continue this tradition with this Straight Razor line. The handle scales are CNC milled from a block of the high-tech material carbon and the massive 6/8" blade has two bevels on the blade back. Delivered in historic packaging with certificate of authenticity. Tradition meets the modern age. The 6/8 inch-blade made from carbon steel (especially good edge retention, non-stainless) looks especially attractive due to its combination of extra-fine hollow grind with two bevels on the blade back. The carbon handle scales give the knife additional sturdiness and ensure smooth use of the blade. This version with the popular Round Point is produced in 140 steps at the Boker Knife Manufactory in Solingen. A 6 Inch Round Point Carbon Steel Open Razor with Grey Carbon Fibre Handle.


Type: Unknown Type


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